Sunday, July 24, 2005


Since I first started I've been very neglectful. I want to get in the habit of posting some attention-getting stuff and then those of you who are interested can check in .... follow up with a google search. Recent stuff:

1)After all the fuss and bother about Stonehenge and the tunnels... I even talked about it in my book Stonehenge with Caroline Malone (Oxford University Press 2002): The project that included an ambitious redoing of the highways around Stonehenge and a tunnel has been "shelved." Costs went from L284 million (that's pounds!) to L470 million. Wow.

2)There's a huge Bronze Age barrow cemetery -- dating to about 2000 BCE -- in the Orkneys. First found in 1858 and redug in 2002 with lots more fascinating artifacts... its called Knowes o'Trotty and they are keeping at it.

3)A 6500 year old walkway ha been uncovered in Somerset. Probably a causeway and fish weir installed by Stone Age men sgtruggling to stay alive in an area that was a salt marsh. A first for Britain! Wooden staves that make up the causeway are amazingly well-preserved (probably because they were water-logged).

4)Footprints at Laetoli may be Homo habilis and not Lucy-like A. afarensis. Physical Anthropologists discussed this recently..

5) Dining room goodies from Pompeii -- decorated cups and fine silver platters are being restored and will go on display in 2006 at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.


Anonymous Jackie said...

Very interesting Nancy. This is interesting stuff for people who are not in the least Arky minded.

Looking forward to seeing the table settings in Naples. Without this nifty tip, I wouldn't have thought of going.

3:02 PM  

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