Friday, April 27, 2007

Greek Pottery Pieces left by British Scholar to Greece

I thought this was a rather touching story.

Stephen Robertson, the son of eminnent British scholar Professor Martin Robertson, recently returned six ancient ceramic artifacts, ceremonial pottery minatures, to Athens.

Following his father's death, Stephen discovered that his father's will said that he wished to return the six small artifacts to his "beloved Greece." Professor Robertson was a British expert on Greek art and antiquities who was the author of several texts on ancient Greece. He had worked for the British Museum and taught at the Universities of London and Oxford.

Robertson had received the artifacts as a gift from U.S. archaeologist Lucy Talcott during the American team's excavations of the ancient Agora in the 1930s and 1940s. Talcott had purchased the items from an antiques store in Greece. In a final irony, the pieces will be added to the display at the city's Ancient Agora Museum. For those of you who have visited this beautiful museum, this is the proper venue for the ancient pieces.


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