Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"The book is a treasure! [The Golden Bull] is a perfect vehicle for encouraging young readers to be drawn into this ancient world."
- Nancy Stone Bernard, Director
Archaeological Associates of Greenwich, Connecticut story takes place 5,000 years
ago in Mesopotamia, where the
oldest literate and urban culture in
the world took root. Jomar and his younger sister, Zefa, live on a farm
on the outskirts of the vibrant city
of Ur. Because of a devastating drought, the children are sent
by their parents to seek employment in Ur.

At 14 Jomar is apprenticed to a master goldsmith who embellishes
a magnificent gold ang lapis bull's head that will be attached to a lyre. But Zefa finds no welcome in the goldsmith's home.

To survive in a city whose life and customs are new to them, the siblings must put aside old resentments to overcome the obstacles they face.

Young readers ages 11-14 will relate to siblings Jomar and Zefa, and become enthralled with this ancient civilization. The Golden Bull connects to the history-social science content standards for studying ancient civilizations.


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