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Pakistani authorities appear to be very slow in preventing the theft of precious artIfacts from the Mohenjodaro site, according to an official document. Mohenjodaro (Mound of the Dead) was one of the largest city-settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization of south Asia situated in the province of Sind, Pakistan. Built around 2600 BCE and abandoned around 1900 BCE, the city was one of the early urban
settlements in the world.

A revised master plan for conservation and promotion of cultural tourism at Mohenjodaro awaits the federal government's nod. But the ancient site, falling under the federal government's jurisdiction, is regrettably facing a double whammy: non-
stop pillage of antiques and severe seepage and damage, reveals the recent document.

Major features of the revised master plan are archaeological conservation, acquisition of land, further excavation and conservation, landscaping and environment development, a tourism monument plan and an interpretation system. The ministry of culture had rejected the original plan requiring funds worth Rs6,500 million
in five years for the development of the site, with instructions to officials at the site to bring it down to one-third.

The Antiquity Act of 1975, which provides for protection of and legal cover to archaeological and historical sites, is not being implemented, as far as
Mohenjodaro is concerned, the officials explained. "While the law states that no trespassing can be done within 200 meters around a monument, in practice there is trespassing in the surroundings of most of the monuments," reads the revised master plan, prepared by Mohenjodaro officials working at the site and provincial authorities at Sindh.

Source: The News International (24 February 2009)


Blogger Harsh Panchal said...

Hi, Nancy
This is harsh from india. This a very good point that you have noted through your blog because as an Indian i feel realy bad when our neighbouring country is not so aware about such archaeologically important monuments which are belong to our indian culture and obviously which was once a part of thier culture is well. I don't know these is whether because of current political situation of our neighbour country or what? But from my point of you Internationaly reputed Archaeologist like you and some others have to raise this point among the International comunity so, we can feel assured that yes there are still some pepole alive on this earth who are truly dedicated to Archeology.
Hope you can understand my feelings being an Indian Archeology lover.

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