Friday, June 25, 2010


Tools made about 11,000 years ago were found at the Maple Avenue site of Keene's new middle school (New Hampshire, USA), which Stoddard archaeologist Robert Goodby said could "easily be one of the most important [archaeological] sites in the state, if not New England."

Goodby began his site review, overseen by the N.H. Division of Historical Resources, in November. In addition to the high number of artifacts, few Granite State sites hold older finds, except one in Swanzey where 11,600-year-old stone tools were found. The first items found at the Keene site were small chips of tools - the residue of Paleolithic people making sharp instruments like arrows - from material quarried as many as 200 miles away in Berlin or Vermont.

Source: Sentinel Source (18 June 2010)
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