Sunday, October 24, 2010


Over 10,000 exquisite ancient rock paintings and characters carved in stones were discovered in Xinjiang's Qiemo County, reporters learned from the Bureau of Culture and Sports of Qiemo recently.

Discovered in Aqiang Town, located in southern Xinjiang, Qiemo County is at the southeastern edge of the Tarim Basin and near the northern foot of Altun Mountain. The county connects with Tibet to the south and extends northwards into the Taklimakan Desert. Qiemo's county town is 1,200 kilometers from Urumqi.

An officer from the Qiemo County Cultural Relics Management Office, who participated in the on-site investigation, said the team set off from Qiemo County and drove two days and nights to reach a place at the altitude of 4,546 meters where four of eight team members had to return because of serious altitude sickness. The rest of the four team members finally found the rock paintings and took many photos.

"According to the appearance of the rock paintings, they were all created on red rocks and were exposed to wind abrasions and collapsed. There are some animal patterns, such as bulls, deer and sheep on one side of some large rocks and there is nothing but a smooth surface on the other side," Yang said. It has not been made clear which ancient ethnic group created these exquisite rock paintings and the paintings are already under the protection of the local government.

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