Thursday, August 04, 2005

200th anniversary of Lewis & Clark

These few weeks in August (August 1 - 17) mark the 200th anniversary of the year that Lewis & Clark and their "Corps of Discovery" met Sacagawea's Indian family (the Shoshone or Snake Indians).. You'll remember Sacagawea was their inerpreter and guide. I first came across the name when my family took me to a Dude Ranch in Idaho when I was 7 years old and Sacagawea was the name of my horse. I've always been a great fan of hers.

There are some nice excerpts from the diary of Merriwether Lewis in the August 2005 Smithsonian. My favorite:
..."We soon drew near to the camp, and just as we approached it a woman made her way through the crowd towards Sacajawea, and recognising each other, they embraced with most tender affection. The meeting of these two young women had in it something peculiarly touching, not only in the ardent manner in which their feelings were expressed, but from the real interest of their situation. They had been companions in childhood, in the war with the Minnetarees they had both been taken prisoners in the same battle, they had shared and softened the rigours of their captivity, till one of them had escaped...[When trade negotiatios were read] Sacajawea was sent for; she came into the tent, sat down, and was beginning to interpret, when in the person of [Chief) Cameahwait she recognized her brother: she instantly jumped up, and ran and embraced himm throwing over him her blanket and weeping profusely.. Do look for the entire episode on p. 25 of the Smithsonian Magazine or in the many versions of the Lewis and Clark journey of discovery....


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