Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A statue of Queen Ti, grandmother to Tutankamun and wife of Amenhotep III, has been discovered at an ancient temple in Luxor, Egypt. The 3,400 year old statue was very well preserved. Queen Ti was also mother to Akhenaten, the sun-worshiper who some say was the founder of the first known monotheistic religion.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University discovered the 5 foot-high black granite statue at the Temple of Mut in the ancient temple complex at Karnak. Although the statue is missing its legs, it is otherwise well preserved. It was identified by a number of cartouches (royal names) found on the statue as well as the features that were definitely in the style of the 18th century New Kingdom dynasty. Cartouches of a late king also on the statue showed it may have been re-used about 300 years later by a 21st dynasty ruler.


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