Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Some "wonderful things" have been found in the Basque country of Spain: a necklace and pendants made 15,500 years ago. The treasure comes from the Magdalenian period and were found in the Praile I cave in Deba, probably near San Sebastian (must be a very tiny place as its not listed in the National Geographic Atlas). Led by archaeologist Xabier Penalver of the Aranzadi Society of Sciences, the team discovered four stunning neclaces of smooth black stone, another of goats' teeth and a 12 cm pendant. There are 29 items in all, each one made by hand and engraved. No pictures yet but let's hope they'll post them.


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I was trolling other blogger profiles and noticed yours. You mentioned that lithics are part of your archaeological interests.

I have just started a blog about experimental archaeology, with an emphasis on flintknapping.

Any comments or participation on my blog would be greatly appreciated.

I am a first year grad student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I teach an ancient technology class there, and I am really interested in establishing an informal platform for archaeologists to discuss matters related to experimental archaeology.

If you are interested, drop by.


There are only 3 posts so far, but there will be more as time goes by...

Have a great day!

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