Thursday, September 22, 2005

200th anniversary of Lewis & Clark

There's a nice page of diary entries of Lewis, Clark and Sgt. Gass in the September issue of Smithsonian Magazine(p. 35). In September of 1805, the Corp of Discovery was equipped with horses from the Shoshone, prepared to cross the Bitterroot Mountains in present-day Idaho. But winter was fast approaching and there was little to eat.

For instance: September 16 from Clark's diary: Began to Snow about 3 hours before Day and Continud all day... by night we found it from 6 to 8 Inches deep... I have been wet and as cold in every part as I ever was in my life, indeed I was at one time fearfull my feet would freeze in the thin mockersons which I wore..." September 24 from Clark's diary: "Several men So unwell that they were Compelled to lie on the Side of the road for Some time others obliged to be put on horses." [spelling and caps as written]

Check out the Lewis and Clark web site:
It's terrific: You can click on "Discovery Paths" that includes Journal Excerpts, Native Nations, Aerial Photos of the Expedition and much more...


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