Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lost Roman Treasure on NOVA

In case you missed tonight's NOVA on PBS:

Before large portions of it disappeared in the year 2000 beneath the rising waters of a new reservoir on the Euphrates River, the ancient city of Zeugma yielded one of the richest troves of Roman mosaics ever uncovered, including that of the gods Poseidon, Oceanus, and Tethys. Now undergoing restoration at Turkey's Gaziantep Museum, the well-preserved mosaics depict a wide variety of mythological scenes and individuals. You can view ten of the finest mosaics, many of which teams retrieved at the eleventh hour. Note that all names of gods and other mythological characters are the Greek names. Go to pbs.org and click NOVA and "Lost Roman Treasure."

The "fly-through" of the 14-room Roman villa that housed many of these mosaics gives you a good idea of how beautiful these were and how great that at least these were saved. A friend of mine who has seen them says they are even better than they look in the film.


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