Monday, August 15, 2005

Delightful mystery!

“Bound for Eternity”
A Lisa Donahue Mystery
By Sarah Wisseman
Delightful little mystery (in paper) that highlights the goings on in a museum, setting up an Egyptian exhibit with mummies and artifacts and wow! -- a couple of murders of the staff by a staff member! Lisa becomes the reluctant sleuth.

I especially liked this because the heroine and narrator Lisa Donahue is a charmer, a single mother (young widow) organizing her life as a curator, looking for a man and being a good mom to a tyke. Having worked in a museum and rubbed shoulders with curators, I thought this gave you a good idea of the confusion that reigns! I was amused that she mentions Professor Bob Brier as the organizer of the mummy-making at the University of Maryland! Lots of fun for $15.95!


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