Sunday, September 04, 2005


Those of you who live within driving distance of St. Louis and Cahokia Mounds -- there's a POW WOW coming up -- September 9-11, 2005, at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Collinsville, Illinois. Native Americans from across the country will dance competitively and socially. Native American Arts, crafts and jewelry will be on display. FREE! (618) 346-5160 or

And if you're just curious about Cahokia Mounds (one of the great and frankly, neglected by other than Midwesterners, North Ameican archaeological sites) and can't make it to the POW WOW, do look at my book, written with Professor Timothy Pauketat Cahokia Mounds, published by Oxford University Press in their "Digging for the Past" series. You can find it on Amazon by putting in Nancy Stone Bernard or order from your local bookstore.


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