Wednesday, June 06, 2007


You might have noticed in the NY Times today (June 4) the article about the Afghan treasures coming to the U.S. next year. Several experts felt the Afghans are not getting enough for their sharing. These are the amazing Bactrian antiquities that were hidden from the Taliban for many years by courageous museum officials in the bank vault beneath th Presidential Palace. Two hundred of them were recently on exhibit in Paris at the Guimet Museum.

If you'd like a preview, Current World Archaeology #22 has a beautiful article with many photographs of the treasure. "The artifacts demonsrtate how far Hellenism penetrated into Central Asia, and the lasting influence of the cutlure in this region, according to the exhibition. Lasting influence is an understatement: early in the 20th century, the King of Greece visited Punjab province of what was British India. A tribal dancing display was organized. He soon recognized the steps of a harvest festival dance from his own Northern Greece." -- from the article p. 22.

It's worth subscribing to this magazine just to see these treasures!


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